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Petros Italos
Bed & Breakfast

Petros Italos
Ta 2 Pefka

Petros Land
Welcome to Petros Italos

"Dear Friend, I would like to welcome you in this wonderful place: mirror of my soul, home of my heart.
Until today I’ve been spending my intense and frenetic life, full of sacrifice, passion and devotion to my work,
travelling in all continents. But only in this place I’ve been succeeding for the last thirty years
in finding a piece of heaven, where I can feed my mind and instill new life into my spirit.
Here, friendliness and warm-heartedness in people still express the humanity and the values,
which are mostly drowsed in nowadays’ modernity.
I look at the horizon and the crystal-clear sea infuses regeneration and peace.
I would like to present you with a part of all this, making you live for a few instants in a new and enchanting dimension:
in this splendid place, that was shaped by Nature and where human hand
just helped to bring completely out its uniqueness.
This: my dream. Thank you"

The director Pietro Maschio
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